Team Building

If you're looking to boost morale, improve communication, create a path for collaboration and creativity or inject a bit of fun into your meetings, talk to us about a team building activity or meeting package enhancement.

To build effective teams, organisations look for diversity through gender, age, race, background. The challenge lies in harnessing this individual potential to work within a team with shared passions and goals. With only about 20% of teamwork comes from internal process, the large majority comes from team building and cohesive working relationship.

We partner with Team Building Solutions who are inspired with ideas, adventures and activities for your business group whether creative, competitive, physical or fun. When they're hosted at the Bingham, activities ​​are based in either the Garden Rooms or in our riverside garden. You can choose from 1 hour river games to racing minis like something out of the Italian Job, or their latest addition 'Countdown', click to view the video filmed at the Bingham.
Talk to us about you’re requirements and we’ll come up with a fully costed proposal. 

In addition, the Bingham has some fun and interactive activities to enhance your meeting experience such as pre and post meeting yoga, sushi and cocktail masterclasses and gin tasting. 


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